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"People do not come into therapy to change their past, but their future."

Milton Erickson




Solar is Camden's premier hypnotherapy practice which uses the latest and best-researched hypnosis methods, alongside neuroscience, elements of NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy). This ensures our clients have the best possible experience. 

Solar focuses exclusively on online hypnotherapy via WhatsApp, Facetime or Zoom, giving our clients the flexibility to choose their preferred time for appointments at a place to suit, free to emerge from the experience at their own pace, without the need to travel to a separate location! 

Appointments are on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or occasional basis.

Solution-focused hypnotherapy is a technique which harnesses the energies of your conscious and subconscious mind to help you to quickly and effectively become aware of the behavioural shifts you are seeking in your life.  Often, clients cannot identify these shifts when they first attend but, over the course of treatment, a new, positive focus begins to surface, and we can work towards that.

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Book your FREE NO OBLIGATION consultation with Solar today to find out how hypnotherapy can benefit you and transform your life.


Your needs will be discussed, and we will give you some fascinating insights into how the brain works. Most clients find this initial consultation to be instrumental in understanding their own ways of thinking and how hypnotherapy will help.

You will also receive Solar’s complimentary 25min recording to listen to at bedtime to help you sleep better and kickstart your hypnotherapy treatment.

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Free Initial Consultation.

Single session (1 hour) ~ £85.

Prepaid bundle (5+ sessions) ~ £70 per session.

Smoking Cessation (3 sessions) ~ £220.

Click here to contact us for more details.

All bookings include free hypnosis mp3 download. 10% Discount available to NHS staff, police, teachers and social workers. Payment implies you have read and agreed to the confidentiality agreement


We also offer Reiki, Drum Healing, Crystal Therapy, Angel Card Readings and

Past Life Regression (see below).


Past Life Regression


You don’t have to believe in reincarnation or past lives to benefit from past life regression hypnotherapy, but the process can bring healing, transformation, understanding, and resolution to current life concerns such as phobias, relationships, medical conditions, etc.  It helps to understand our current realities by the choices we have made. 


Having past life regression hypnotherapy does not prove that we have lived past lives.  Some people prefer to consider the therapy as an induced dream.


As with most hypnotherapy, the more you experience it, the more you get out of it.  Regression is the same, and you will find that your third or fourth session is much more vivid and easier to experience than the first.


If you are interested in having past life regression, please book a call with me so I can explain the process.


£130 per session (2 hours)

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