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  • Relaxation Services
    Here at Solar, we regularly see clients who just want some time out from their busy schedules, to have protected ‘me time’. Hypnotherapy is the perfect, standalone option for revitalizing, re-energizing, and relaxing. Have a weekly, fortnightly or monthly session and notice the difference in your general wellbeing. Your friends and family will notice too! Corporate Hypnotherapy: We deliver group sessions of relaxation hypnotherapy in the workplace and/or online. Your employees will look forward to this treat, and regular sessions will have many other benefits for your company and the wellbeing of its workforce – get in touch to find out more about this exciting initiative (subject to Covid-19 advice). Gift vouchers: These are popular choices to give to your family, friends or colleagues at any time of the year. Drop us a line to find out more.
  • Confidence and Self-Esteem
    Feel great about yourself! Learn to recognise your amazing qualities and value yourself. Learn to believe in yourself. Often linked with other issues, confidence and self esteem can be enhanced with regular hypnotherapy as a stand-alone aim for those clients who do not wish to disclose other aspects of their lives.
  • Grief
    Grief can be an all-encompassing emotion which affects every part of our lives. It is a very personal experience. Sometimes, we feel guilty about releasing grief or even acknowledging it. Recognising grief is an important first step to managing it; hypnotherapy can be powerful and instrumental in helping you to move on at a pace that supports you to rebuild your focus.
  • Resilience
    Resilience is one of the most formidable qualities a human can possess in testing times. When we are confronted with challenges, with changes, with painful experiences, we need to adapt. We need to survive. We need to learn how to move through those changes and develop effective coping mechanisms. Yes, life can be challenging, and building your resilience with regular hypnotherapy can really make a difference in meeting those challenges and promoting personal growth.
  • Anxiety and Depression / Emotional Pain / Moderate-Severe Stress
    The most prevalent reasons clients seek hypnotherapy at Solar are depression and anxiety, emotional pain and moderate to severe stress. We recognise that some clients have depression without anxiety, and vice versa, but we can approach the symptoms in similar ways. We will explain to you how your mind works so that you can identify your goals at your pace. Our first aim will be to lower your stress levels to allow your intellectual mind to assert itself over your emotional responses. We work empathetically with anxious clients to alleviate fears and anxieties, freeing them up to live life as their most confident and competent self.
  • Anger Management
    Sometimes temper can get the better of us all. Uncontrolled anger can lead to job loss, poor working and personal relationships, marital break ups and alienation. Learn how to recognise the triggers which offset those unwanted outbursts of anger. With regular hypnotherapy, you can develop effective strategies to react in a more controlled and inoffensive way.
  • Sleep Issues
    So many people suffer from poor sleep, which has a huge impact on how we function during the day. From insomnia to oversleeping to sleep paralysis, hypnotherapy is the perfect treatment to help you to sleep better. Learn how to cope with intrusive thoughts, understand how your thought patterns affect your sleep, and discover what you can do to improve your sleep.
  • Smoking Cessation
    At Solar, we have had many clients who have successfully quit or dramatically reduced their tobacco smoking habits. We can also acknowledge some success with vaping! Clients seeking smoking cessation treatment are seen in one extended session of 2 hours
  • Phobias / Irrational Fears
    Many people are inhibited or embarrassed by simple phobias – spiders, mice, flying, driving, public speaking, heights, open spaces etc. The psychological disturbance associated with such phobias has a profound impact on confidence and wellbeing. With four sessions of solution focused hypnotherapy at Solar, we can eliminate those phobias, subject to initial consultation. Covid 19 – if needle phobia prevents you from receiving vaccinations, please get in touch. We can help.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    Stress and anxiety often go hand in hand with IBS. It is a vicious circle. Whilst not a replacement for medical interventions, hypnotherapy can really work to break that circle and get your IBS back under control.
  • Tinnitus
    Further information available upon request.
  • High Performance
    Students | Sports | Business Are you searching for that motivation within you which will accelerate your athleticism, focus your academic approach, drive your business acumen? Hypnotherapy can help you break down your aims into bite sized achievable goals to enable you to see that improvement and enhancement in your performance. Unleash your potential!
  • Fertility and Psychosexual Issues
    Further information available upon request.
  • Weight Management
    Lose weight with Solar. With hypnotherapy, you can successfully overcome those sugar cravings and other unhealthy food choices. Boost your desire to exercise and to eat mindfully and healthily. Learn to listen to your body. Learn to accept your body. You will be surprised at how differently you will feel. You will need to be fully engaged in the process – please note that this may be a long-term therapy requiring at least 6 months of weekly hypnosis.
  • Eating Disorders
    Further information available upon request.
  • Unwanted Habits
    Badly bitten nails? Hair pulling? Solar can help you to tackle these negative, often subconscious, behaviours with hypnotherapy. Once you realise you can stop, you can begin to regain the confidence and energy which have been missing in your life.
  • Addictions
    Hypnotherapy provides support to help you overcome your addiction and take back control of your life. We will get to the root of the problem to help you overcome addictive habits.
  • Chronic Pain Management
    Chronic pain is debilitating, tiring and uncomfortable, often requiring frequent medication. Regular hypnotherapy can help you to manage chronic pain and lessen pharmaceutical dependence, subject to medical advice.
  • Trauma
    Further information available upon request.
  • Pregnancy
    Hypnotherapy during pregnancy can help to alleviate fear of birth, relax the mum and baby, reduce anxiety, and put mum in a great frame of mind to embark on motherhood. Research suggests that regular hypnotherapy during pregnancy also reduces the likelihood of postnatal depression.
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