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Holiday Fatigue?

Have you ever looked forward to taking time off work for a well earned rest. Those last few days in the office seeming to even more demanding as you vie to get things done before you go off, trying to leave your workload in a good place so anyone covering you is left with as straightforward a task as possible? Sounds familiar? Good – well done, you! You are thoughtful and a great team player.

Everyone calls after you as you leave the office to start your holiday. Have a great time! Send us a postcard, photos, facebook message, etc! Bring us back some biscuits!

And off you go.

If you have a holiday destination in mind, the travel preparations may be tiresome, tedious even. The journey itself if often challenging, with unknown conditions of travel ever changing amid this, the Corona era. But you arrive finally. Family/friends or alone. There is a great feeling of having arrived and your well-deserved break is beginning. Maybe you are staycationing, and resolve to do some interesting activities at home, or have some day trips, visit friends, relax and binge your favourite shows, have a Playstation marathon. Whatever it is, I hope you have a great time.

Photo by Jess Loiterton

But have you ever noticed that, once into your leave, you may start to feel a bit queasy? Overly tired, maybe. Starting to get a cold or backache? You want to sleep in but

find you cannot sleep properly. Is your mind still mulling over all those issues at work or being overtaken by issues at home? Sounds familiar? You are not alone.

Stress is the culprit. Adrenaline, cortisone, and lots of other stress hormones are brilliant at keeping you going at that fast past. Stimulating you to rise and react to all the challenges of your busy and demanding job. Stress can mask pain, so that back ache may have been stacking up for a while.

Now you are resting, and the everyday demands of your job are put to one side. Stress may be present still, but now you are reacting to letting down your guard and allowing your body to recover. Your body has a way to stop you from doing too much. That cold, that pain.

Regular hypnotherapy, or even occasional, is a superb antidote to storing up unwanted stress. Your therapist will explain fully the workings of the mind and how the stress response affects us. Hypnotherapy helps reduce stress, and focuses on promoting mood enhancing hormones instead. You will learn some tricks to help you sleep better. Some say an hour of hypnotherapy is like having a long power nap.

What do you have to lose? Get in touch so you can start to become an even better version of


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