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Sleep Management

Hello and thank you for stopping by. As we approach winter and the evenings draw in earlier and earlier, I reflect on the nature of sleep. All animals need sleep, but why do we sleep? This is a puzzle neuroscientists and doctors have been debating for many, many years.

Answer? To rest and recover. To process thought patterns in the mind. To promote rational thinking. All of these and more – you may have your own ideas on sleep and they may well be right.

Lots of things happen in our minds when we sleep. Electronic gadgets attached to assorted

heads have revealed that the brain works harder when we sleep than when we are awake.

All those memories and thoughts of the day have to be stored and rationalized.

What happens when we don’t sleep, or have poor quality sleep? Tiredness, lack of focus,

irritability, bleary eyes, poor performance, etc etc. Ever wonder why you cannot get to

sleep, cannot stay asleep, or still feel tired all the time? Or even why you sleep too much?

So many people with sleep problems can link the issue with stress and anxiety.

Hypnotherapy can really help you to fix your sleep problems – not often a quick fix but a

gradual, healthy, non-pharmacological approach which will also help you to focus and

improve your posture and self esteem.

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