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Soundtrack your mood….boost your serotonin

How does music make you feel?

What emotions does it evoke? Does your choice of music reflect your mood, or does your mood reflect your choice of music?

I don’t know anyone who does not like music. Contemporary or popular music. Modern, ancient. Folk or rock. Binaural beats or Andean pan pipes. Gregorian chants or Tibetan bowls. Some people like lots of different kinds of music, while some prefer to limit their choice of listening to specific types of music such as classical, or jazz.

Today, we are so fortunate to have an abundance of music readily available to listen to on demand, to download, to stream, to enjoy. If you have ever idled away on Spotify or YouYube, looking up favourite tunes, and found yourself spiralling down into that musical rabbit warren of memories and moods, congratulate yourself. This is such an easy, effortless way to touch base with your heart and mind.

Music is often used as a soundtrack for our lives. If a familiar piece crops up on the radio, or included in a shop’s playlist while you are out, it can transport us to other places. Hopefully, happy places but, sometimes, sad places. Music can remind the listener of special events – maybe a wedding, an outing, a holiday, or romance. A reminder of a favourite film or TV programme which, in turn, evokes memories of family, friends and places.

I recently compiled a playlist to use as a fun quiz for a family holiday. Something for everyone, I hoped, including the children of course! I still have that playlist – it serves no other purpose now except to serve as a reminder of a fabulous time spent with those people dearest to me. I can’t remember how we all fared in that quiz, but I remember the tunes and some of the hilarious gaffes we endured as everyone scrambled for the answers.

Give your mind a serotonin boost today, and skip around your own feel-good playlists for the music which soundtracks a happy period in your life. Keep an eye on the time as you may find the hours skip by as well… have fun!

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