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Spring clean your mind

Springtime often signals a desire to make positive changes in our lives. The lengthening hours of daylight, the arrival of spring flowers, and the trees blossoming all make us feel a little more alive, and hopefully more energised.

If you need a sense of direction, a confidence boost maybe, or your have a hurdle to overcome, such as a phobia or inhibition, why not give hypnotherapy a go?

A few sessions will make a marked difference to your outlook on life. We can talk about the positive changes you make each week, acknowledge the small wins which take you further towards your goal, and learn to value the good things in your life already. You will find yourself able to focus more clearly and zoom in on your aims at this time in your life.

The effects of hypnotherapy usually outlast the sessions. As you become more confident, your confidence grows even more. This enables you to become more decisive and attract positivity into your world. Your interpersonal skills are enhanced, you control your emotions, and you take charge.

Many clients come to hypnotherapy not knowing exactly what they want from it. It is usually a combination of factors which, through the talking therapy at each session, we can unravel and explore at your own pace.

By having a simple, no-obligation, complimentary phone call with Solar, I can assess your needs and we can each determine whether I am the right person to help you. I always recommend a block of 5 sessions as a minimum. This gives your mind chance to get used to the sessions, release any resistance you have to hypnosis, and gain confidence in the process and future outcomes.

Give yourself some me-time. You will be so pleased that you did – I guarantee it.


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