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Stressing Out

Stress. We all complain of feeling stressed. We put our moodiness down to stress. We blame stress for so many things in life which do not go to plan. What is stress? How can we alleviate the symptoms of it?

Stress is actually caused by your primitive mind’s survival response, and it is a mechanism which helps to ensure your safety. The primitive mind is the oldest part of the human brain.

For example, in the days of prehistoric man, the mind was primed to react swiftly and automatically to any threats we encountered. The earthquake. The hostile enemy tribe. The snowstorm. The sabre toothed tiger. What was the reaction? Fight, flight or freeze!

The brains of modern humans have an evolutionary add on – the intellectual mind. This intellectual component rationalises and assesses threats. For example, if you are in a café enjoying breakfast with friends, and the waiter or the cook drops a pile of plates crashing to the floor, think about what reactions could be observed. Automatically, the place will likely go silent for a moment while everyone looks over to see what has happened. Your primitive mind is assessing the situation. Your intellectual mind is assessing the situation. What would normally happen is that your intellectual mind reassures you of no immediate threat and overrides your primitive mind which has momentarily put you in a high state of alert. Threat over, you can return to your scrambled eggs and coffee and not give the episode another thought. But the stress alert has taken place and made you jump! You would be mindful of this if something else alarms you in a similar fashion as the response has now embedded into your hippocampus.

In hypnotherapy, your therapist can assess just how much stress has built up in your mind, and how it can cloud your thinking so that your thoughts and judgments are not as useful as they might be.

With Solar, you will be offered a digital recording to use every day during the course of your therapy, and beyond, which helps to reduce the stress stored in your mind and make you more receptive to the therapy itself. Your mind can develop new, more useful neural pathways to override those created under duration of stress responses. Over the course of your treatment, you will notice how much more easily you can slip into that peaceful state of relaxation and enjoy the hypnosis experience and its benefits.

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