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The Step Ladder to Success

What are you seeking to achieve? If you have a definite goal in mind, or even a generic desire to improve your life, how is your road to success planned out.

Let’s not use the ‘road’ analogy. Instead, we can use the step ladder. The right size step ladder. The picture below* effortlessly shows how important it is to make the effort to climb the step ladder to success, and to tailor the steps to the individual. You may well be a gladiatorial human who can reach for the high bars with one strong effort – most of us, however, need the steps to be distributed along a more attainable line.

During a course of hypnotherapy, I will help you to determine your aims, and to break down those goals into achievable chunks. Discover the most important aspects of your aims, especially your own wellbeing, and gain the courage and confidence to go for it!

At Solar, I have helped many people overcome fears and phobias, diminish negative thinking, plan a recovery from burnout programme, reduce anxiety and depression, stop smoking and challenge their own addictive habits. With a FREE telephone call, let me help you design and build and climb your ladder to success.

Get in touch today, using the link on the website, or emailing

*'The Importance of Smaller Steps' - Unify
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