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Here at Solar, we regularly see clients who just want some time out from their busy schedules, to have protected ‘me time’. Hypnotherapy is the perfect, standalone option for revitalizing, re-energizing, and relaxing. Have a weekly, fortnightly or monthly session and notice the difference in your general wellbeing. Your friends and family will notice too!


Corporate Hypnotherapy:

We deliver group sessions of relaxation hypnotherapy in the workplace and/or online. Your employees will look forward to this treat, and regular sessions will have many other benefits for your company and the wellbeing of its workforce – get in touch to find out more about this exciting initiative (subject to Covid-19 advice).


Gift vouchers:

These are popular choices to give to your family, friends or colleagues at any time of the year. Drop us a line to find out more.

Relaxing on a Hammock
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