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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Hypnosis is becoming increasingly popular for weight management. And its no wonder! As modern science continues to demonstrate the importance of psychology in our daily behaviour, there has been a global shift in how we talk about body image, diet culture and healthy living.

Solar Hypnotherapy can work to help clients reach and maintain their desired weight goals!

We understand that hypnotherapy is increasingly sought these days to help with weight management, eating disorders and body dysmorphia. There is so much more to this subject than what you eat, or don’t eat!

With our 6 week weight management course, you will be amazed at how the brain and the body work together to manage food choices and intake. You will learn how disturbed sleep affects the production of hormones which regulate appetite and satiety, and how to create new, healthy eating habits.

For those with eating disorders, such as binge-eating, bulimia or anorexia, hypnotherapy takes a gentle therapeutic approach to address these issues with kindness and understanding. For these clients, body dysmorphia is an additional concern, and Solar can help them to become more accepting of their bodies.

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