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New Year, New Start

After the chaos and excitement of the Holiday Season starts to wind down, January can feel like a bleak anti-climax for some, and a breath of fresh air for others. At Solar, we're inclined to think the latter! With every new year comes a clean slate to start over, and it can be an excellent motivator for those of us looking to make a change in our lives.

However, it can feel like we are starting with a large handicap. As mentioned in our previous post, December can often lead a lot of us to feel utterly burnt out. Though it can be both comforting and enjoyable to spend time with loved ones, the pressures we put on each other to make plans, spend money and keep on a happy face can put a tremendous strain on our mental health. For those of us who have spent the holidays alone or estranged from loved ones, it can be a very painful time, and those wounds can linger into the new year and beyond.

Though many of us start the new year with the best intentions, even writing our 'New Years' Resolutions' lists and promising ourselves we will stick to them this time, it can be challenging to achieve even the most modest goals.

This is where hypnotherapy can become your secret weapon in making this year your best one yet! Hypnosis works on a subconscious level to modify your thoughts and actions on a micro level and effectively change your behaviour in the way you wish to do so. Want to save money? Lose weight? Start a new hobby? All of these require you to modify your daily behaviours in order for you to become the person you need to be to achieve these goals easily and effortlessly!

Don't delay. The clock is ticking! Contact to start the New Year in the best way possible!

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